Specialised Cleaning, Stain Removal, Leather Cleaning

Rug Cleaning
rug cleaning brisbane
Floor rugs have become very popular in recent years, especially long pile (shag) rugs.  They can be quite difficult to clean however we have developed a system to successfully clean most rugs on site.

Pool / Snooker Table top cleaning

The felt on your table requires regular maintenance to ensure a bright appearance and smooth operation.  Maybe someone has accidentally spilt a drink on the table, no worries, we can treat the area and remove the stain.  

Boat Upholstery / Leather / Marine Carpet Cleaning

The weather and salt air can severely affect marine vessels.  We can clean your soft furnishings to remove the impurities, dirt or stains.
leather cleaning brisbane
Vehicle Upholstery / Leather Cleaning

Our bodies produce sweat and oil continuously, this is often tr4ansferred onto our car upholstery leaving unsightly blemishes.  We can remove them quickly and easily.  Maybe something was spilt on the seat leaving a stain or a bad smell.  We can generally help with special products to eliminate the smell.

Caravan Cleaning

Most caravans have various furnishings that require regular maintenance.  Fabric on seat, curtains, vinly floor, mattresses can all be professionally cleaned by us using our hot water extraction process. 

Kitchen Benchtop Cleaning

Over time stone and laminate benchtops get a build up of grime from day to day use that can be hard to remove.  We can apply the correct solutions and steam clean the area to remove the layers that have built up over time.

Surface Mould Removal

Mould can grow rapidly on most surfaces where moisture and lack of ventilation is present.  If you have something of value that mould has appeared on, in most cases we can remove the mould and ensure that the mould does not come back.

Bond- Moving Rental Cleaning

Get your Bond- Moving Rental Cleaning done at Rapid Cleaners.Carpet Cleaning carindale

Generally, at the end of your lease or when you move out, you are required to professionally clean your carpets and prvide a receipt as proof.  It is best to undertake regular carpet cleaning (usually annually) to avoid costly restoration of your carpets when you move out, this is called preventative maintenance and also prolongs the life of the carpet.We un
derstand this and once we are asked to undertake a carpet clean or pest control on your moving day, we will turn up on time or let you know when we will be there if held up.

We regularly do bond cleans for various Real Estates throughout Brisbane and know what they require to ensure you receive your bond money refund. 

You can see from the photos on our carpet cleaning page, a heavily soiled carpet can be restored bu us in your rental property.