Carpet Cleaning Brisbane, Steam Cleaning Redlands & Logan City

A freshly cleaned carpet not only looks good, it can change the appearance of the whole house.  A clean carpet smells great and feels nice to touch.  Whether you have wool carpet or synthetic, our carpet cleaners are here to help. 

Looking for carpet cleaners in Brisbane, Redlands or Logan City, contact us now for an immediate free quote, whether it is a small stain removal, moving out steam clean or full house spring clean of your carpet.

Has your carpet been wet from a burst water pipe, faulty washing machine or overflowing bath, we can restore your carpet to its original condition.

For heavily soiled carpets that have not been well maintained, we have a restoration process that can save you from expensive replacement.

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We have experience removing many stains from carpet,  including wax, oil / grease, coffee / tea, mud, pet stains and blood.  If you have a stain which you would like us to look at, please do not put generic stain removers on it before calling us as this can make the removal process harder sometimes.

A quick call and we will give you professional advice over the phone to ensure the best chance of restoration of your carpet.


All modern carpets come "stain resistant" from the factory where it is made however over time this resistance to stains wears away and needs to be reapplied to ensure the fabric is not only stops stains but also prolongs the life of the carpet as it provides an extra "wear" layer.

We recommend carpet protection every two to three years depending on amount of foot traffic the carpet receives on a daily basis.  The 3 major benefits of a carpet / fabric protector is;

1.  spots will be removed easier by you the customer therefore saving money on future cleans for just a couple of stains.
2.  traffic areas will look better as they are protected and soils vacuum up more easily
3.  Future cleaning will remove more soils therefore giving a better appearance and extra longevity