Carpet Information

Carpet Styles

There are 4 main styles of carpet;

1.  Cut pile  (short or long)  - This is where the pile stands up straight and has a soft feel, a good all rounder.
2.  Twist pile  -  Similar to cut pile but it has a twist in it so it points in random directions, more hard wearing.
3.  Loop Pile  - The fibre creates a loop that is not cut, so shows less imprints when walking on it.
4.  Berber  -  This is a very dense loop pile generally made out of wool.

Carpet Types

Nylon  -  Easy to clean, low to medium cost, retains look over life, has been the most popular choice in recent times.  The
              biggest negative for this fibre is fading, sunlight and chemicals will damage dyes especially the blues.

Wool  -  Soft to the touch, a natural fibre, recovers very well from foot traffic, lasts longer than other fibres.  medium to
              high in cost.  low stain resistance therefore not good for young children.  Wool berber popular in high end homes.

Polypropylene / Olefin  - Excellent stain resistance, therefore great for homes with children / animals.  Cheapest of the three.
                                       Has a rough hard feel like plastic although newer carpets are becoming softer.  Fully synthetic.
                                       A negative is that it has a low melting point therefore any heat that comes near it will permanently
                                       damage it.

Blends  -  There are carpets that are a mix of the above fibres to take advantage of each good points.  Colours and styles
                are endless.

For all types of carpet, the quality depends on various factors;

-  Density, how close the tufts are to each other, the closer the better for better feel and longer lasting
-  Twist, more the better
-  Pile height, taller generally means better quality
-  when looking at a sample, bend it outwards, the less backing you see the better quality
-  Price, the old saying you get what you pay for.

We also must not forget what is underneath, the quality of underlay chosen impacts greatly on the feel of the carpet and total lifespan.  It acts as a cushion absorbing the forces of foot traffic and furniture.  It can also reduce noise and vibrations as well as creating a moisture barrier when something is spilt or there is a pet stain.