Carpet Maintenace & Stain Guide


Clean up any spills immendiately, the longer a spill remains in the carpet (either liquid or solid), the harder it can be to remove.

Avoid using lots of cleaning chemicals on stains as this can quite oftern make it look worse and harder to remove.  Follow our removal guide below to avoid problems.

Most carpet manufacturers recommend vacuuming your carpets at least once a week, especially in the walkways used often.

Use mats in doorways to reduce dirt from outside being tracked inside and don't forget regularly clean your mats.

Shoe removal prior to walking on the carpet will proling the life of your carpet avoiding premature wear.

Professional carpet cleaning should be undertaken every 12-18 months to maintain the carpet as it was when you moved in.  If you have pets and or children, 6-12 monthly is recommended.


1.  Scoop / Vacuum / Brush up soild & loose particles.

2.  Blot / Absorb liquids ASAP.  Use absorbant paper towel or white batah towel and place pressure / weight on area to maximise liquid removal.

3.  If stain removal chemical is being used, try applying to clean area of towel and blotting affedted area.  Do not rub the area as this may course permanent damage to the carpet fibres.

4.  Leave clean absorbant towel on area to dry for a frew hours.

5.  If stain remains, call Rapid Carpet Cleaning for further advice on 1300 048 802.