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Pest Control Service Brisbane: Cockroaches

pest control clevelandCockroaches are the most despised pest in most houses in Australian Cities.  They have a habit of regurgitating and defecating on our food, dishes and cutlery,  The most common species found here in Brisbane is the Australian, German and American Cockroaches.  Disease and illness are inevitable if these creatures are not eradicated.

Depending on the species, food sources and weather conditions, cockroaches can multiply from a couple of cockroaches to thousands in 6-8 weeks.  Each species has different habits regarding location, food
preferences and resistance to chemicals.  Therefore we believe inspection a critical step in treating this pest.

There are about 428 species found in Australia, described as scavengers, they rest during the day and come out at night to feed,  infant cockroaches are just a smaller version of the adult and like to hide in dark humid environments such as dishwashers. 

Cockroaches take from 2 to 12 months to fully develop to an adult and the females will produce 5-30 egg capsules over their life with up to 40 eggs in each capsule.  They like to eat any food products and vegetable materials such as leather, cardboard, fabric, hair or glue.  They like to congregate together in tight hidden areas.

Pest Control Service: Spiders

pest control capalabaThere are many types of spiders, therefore each require a slightly different treatment to control and eradicate.  Also, the construction of your house or building can change the habits of spiders,  a weatherboard house for example creates many more harborages that a brick home.  Some spiders are commonly known as ground dwelling living under leaf litter, branches or logs.  Other spiders create a web out in the open to catch prey and other spiders will find a crack or crevice to spin a web.

For these reasons, a thorough inspection is required to ensure all spiders and their eggs are treated appropriately.  Redback spiders can be found in roof cavities, when they start to breed, they can be seen coming out of light fittings or ceiling vents looking for their next meal.  This area needs to be treated with a dust for a long residual to prevent reoccurance.

The environment affects the population of spiders, a property surrounded by large overgrown trees and shrubbery will always have spiders whereas a unit in a well maintained complex is unlikely to see any activity.

Some spiders such as Funnel Web and Redback are dangerous to humans causing sickness or in extreme cases death.  Others are just a nuisance causing unsightly webs and mess below.   They are all treatable both internally and externally.

A tip to help us do our job effectively is to remove any spider webs 2 weeks prior to our arrival, this allows the spider to partially rebuild its web letting us know where the current activity is.  They can be removed with a broom or hose, that way you will not be removing the pesticide after treatment to ensure maximum residual in the area.  Some spiders if they survived the initial treatment, eat the remaining web which is covered by the pesticide and die that way.

Pest Control Service: Ants

pest control redland bayThere are over 3000 species of ants in Australia, however two major species of ants here in Brisbane, The Coastal Brown Ant and the Black Ant.

The Coastal Brown(1.5-2.5 mm long) ant is a ground dwelling ant that enters your home in search of food (especially protein) and water, the workers have larger heads.  They generally nest in structures, crevices, walls, or paths.  The Black Ant usually nests in wall cavities or ceiling voids and is less interested in your food however can damage materials in your home. 

Other less common brown ants found in Australia are;

- argentine (1.5-3 mm) nests in soil or logs and prefers sweet foods.
- Pharaoh (1.5-2 mm) nests in and under buildings where its warmer and eats all foods
- Singapore(2-3 mm)

Green ants are also a concern for people especially when small children area around.  They will bite humans who come too close to their nest which area usually located in the open grassed areas of a yard.  The bite is quite painful leaving a large red welt.

The larger variety of ants include;

- Carpenter(7-12 mm) nest outside in old wood and soil and prefer sweet foods
- Meat(13-14 mm) red and black in colour, live in bush areas in a gravel nest on the ground
- Jumper(13-15 mm) yellow and black, can jump and be aggressive, will sting and live in bush areas
- Bulldog(18-20 mm) red or black, aggressive and live in the bush

An ant life cycle begins as an egg, which hatches to larvae / grub.  As this stage grows, it molts several times until it pupates into a adult like ant except it is whitish in colour and has a soft body.  The whole cycle from egg to adult takes about 6 weeks.

There is actually three castes of ants;
1. Male - generally winged and their main job is to mate.
2. Female - larger than the male, start with wings that fall off.  One or sometimes a few of the females are the Queen who can live for up to 15 years.
3. Worker - Has no wings, they are sterile females and only live for about 1 year

At certain times of the year, you may notice lots of flying ants around, when conditions are right, the winged ants (males & females) take flight and mate, the males then die and the females drop their wings and nest a new colony.

Once again, an inspection of all areas will prepare us for the best method of attack to eradicate these pests.

Pest Control Service Brisbane: Rats / Mice

pest control thornlandsRodents are highly destructive pests that not only eat through food packaging, but can also make holes in walls, chew through electrical cables and leave many droppings and urine throughout your home or commercial premises.

There are three main species of rodents in Australia, the Roof Rat, Norway Rat & House mouse.  The House Mouse is the smallest with a pointy mose, large ears and a tail as long as its body.  Colour is usually brown or grey.  The Norway Rat has a large body, flat nose, small ears and short tail red or brown in colour.  The Roof Rat a a pointed nose, larger ears with a long tail longer than its body being grey, black or brown in colour.

One female rat / mouse can produce up to 25 babies per year if they decide to nest in a house.  The smell alone from such a nest is enough to make some people sick.  They are omnivorous which means they will eat almost anything generally at night however if the population is large, they can be seen feeding during the day.

Signs that you have rodents in your home or office include;
 - scracthing or shuffling noises in walls of ceilings
 - small holes roughly gnawed out in room corners
 - droppings inside your property
 - dirty marks along possible entry / exit routes
 - excited pet in one spot regularly (they can smell or hear them hiding)
 - Alarms triggered for no reason in certain areas

We will quickly determine the severity of the outbreak and introduce apppropiate measures to eliminate the problem.  This can include sanitation (cleaning up), rodent proofing entry point, trapping and chemical control.

Pest Control Service: Fleas

pest control victoria pointA flea infestation can be one of the most annoying problems in any household.  Humans can have many different reactions to flea bites from small red dots to large welts appearing on their skin overnight.  Of course the biggest problem is the itchiness they cause to you and your pets.

There are actually 88 species of fleas in Australia which can be dissected into two main flea species, commonly known as Cat flea and Dog flea.  A fleas main goal in life is to suck blood to survive and reproduce.

Fleas like high humidity therefore our climate here in Brisbane is perfect for the fleas to flourish.  The full lifecycle of a flea can be as little as 18 days or as long as one year depending on the environment they are born into.

Carpeting in a house is the most common location for a flea infestation and if left untreated, millions of eggs can be lying dormant waiting for the right conditions to hatch.  In order to eradicate fleas you need to understand how a flea evolves.  There are 4 stages to a flea life cycle;
1. The Egg  -  Barely visible to the human eye, they are white and easily fall off pets after they are laid into the surrounding environment such as carpet and dirt around the home.  When the environmental conditions are right(mostly warm humid conditions), the eggs hatch.  The highest concentration of eggs will be around the pets preferred spots such as bedding or favorite spots to rest.
2.  Larvae  -  This stage look like very small maggots in appearance, they avoid light deep in the carpet, under furniture and rugs etc.  At this stage, they have no legs or eyes but can eat.  This stage takes approximately 1-2 weeks.
3.  Pupae  -  This is the stage where they transform into an adult flea and spin a cocoon like web around themselves for about another week.  During this stage it is very hard to exterminate as chemicals do not penetrate the cocoon.
4.  Adult Flea  -  The adult flea lays dormant until it is stimulated by vibrations(walking) or warmth or a host animal passing by.  It can come out of its cocoon in seconds and live for 2 - 3 months.  Their size ranges from 1.5mm-4mm in length.They suck blood from their host and begin laying eggs within 2 days of their first blood meal.

If there is say 50 adult fleas jumping around at any one time, that means there is 950 eggs, larvae or pupae evolving to become an adult.  So you can see how quickly a small problem can become a big problem if left untreated.

We will assess the situation and treatment will be best achieved through advice on environment modification and chemical treatment.  A follow up treatment is sometimes required in extreme cases as existing eggs may hatch up to four weeks from initial treatment.

It is important during this time to keep your pets (the hosts) treated by appropriate products.

Pest Control Redlands: Silverfish

There area about 28 Species found in Australia but only 5 invade buildings such as houses.  They are nocturnal only feeding and moving when darkness is present.  Eggs are laid in cracks and crevices such as shelf edges of wardrobe cupboards. 

Young silverfish look similar to adults and generally take between 3 and 24 months to fully mature.  Lifespan can be up to 4 years.   Their favourite foods are books, paper, clothes such as jeans & glues.  Generally, silverfish do not carry diseases. 

If you think you are having a silverfish problem, give us a call to discuss a suitable removal strategy.

Pest Control Service: Bed Bugs

There has been an explosion in bed bug complaints here in Australia  since the beginning of this century.  We think this is mainly due to the world traveling more and the restriction of strong chemicals used in the past.

Bed Bugs feed on blood, they crawl onto the bed at night while a person is sleeping and pierce the skin to feed.  Usually, you do not notice you have been bitten until the morning when you notice blood spots on the sheets and small marks on your skin.  Due to there small size, they are very hard to find however we have developed chemical and physical barrier systems to eliminate the problem.

Bed bugs are mainly found in hotel rooms on mattresses, bed bases, bed frames, furniture, bed heads and in any crack or crevice close to the bed.  It is vitally important to make sure all bed bugs and their eggs are found and destroyed before the room is used again.  We understand that a hotel customer can cost a hotel a lot of grief financially and online with public complaints if bed bugs continue to be a problem.

Over the many years in business, we have learnt where these creatures hide while there is no food source in the room.  A combination of professional cleaning, chemical treatment and physical barriers will eliminate bed bugs.

Pest Control Service: Clothes Moth / Carpet Beetle

Have you ever moved your furniture and noticed a bare patch on your carpet where the fibers are missing?  More than likely you have a clothes moth or carpet beetle.  Here in Brisbane, Queensland we mostly see clothes moth damage and it can destroy wool carpet very quickly, they only eat wool carpet, not synthetic.pest control alexandra hills

They always hide and feed in dark undisturbed places which is why you never see damage in the centre of the room.  It is actually the larvae that eat the wool, and then it develops into a moth and fly's away, once you see the moths, the damage has already been done.

Once again, with a combination of thorough identification and inspection, professional cleaning and chemical treatment, the problem can be eradicated.

Most quality wool carpets come with a warranty against this pest for up to 5 years and it is recommended you ask about it if buying wool carpet here in Brisbane.