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Floor tile and grout reflect your home’s (and business’s) ambience the most. But any homeowner would attest to the fact that it is the tile and grout itself that require the most maintenance. More often than not, they can be impossible to clean no matter how strong your tile cleaner is.   Some dirt can be obstinate, refusing to leave their hold from the tile and grout. Considering its porous nature, it is especially true of grout which can easily hold years of fat, dirt and oil that a simple mop will not be able to clean.

Our powerful tile and grout cleaning service will remove all the dirt and debris from each and every crevice, making your tile and grout absolutely new and spotless. Our cleaning process includes a high pressure tile and grout steam that removes all the debris that has been accumulated over the years.

Tiles are steadily becoming a popular choice for many home and business owners in Brisbane, Redlands and Logan. They are durable, stylish, environmentally friendly and healthy. That said, it is very important to maintain them so that they don’t look dirty and as if they lack luster. Most people don’t realize how severe their tile and grout buildup is until spill a strong cleaning agent or unless they move furniture and notice the difference in color.

But the great news is that, no matter how much build up your tile has, we can clean it all and restore it to its original condition. We use the most powerful and effective specialist equipment that will wipe away even the most undeterred dirt or oil particle.

Along with the floor tiles, our team is also expert at cleaning the bathroom wall tiles, counters, bench tops and splashbacks including hard to remove mold.

Why hire us?

Because we never fail to produce results. Since our company’s inception, we have worked on thousands of tile and grout cleaning projects and we have never failed in restoring the shine to the tile. With our special cleaning solutions and powerful vacuum, we will remove grime from all the tile and grout, thus increasing its longevity and quality.

Also, know that customer satisfaction is our top priority. Know that we will not stop until we deliver on our promise of a crispy clean tile and grout.

We recommend you to get the tile and grout cleaned every 12 to 18 months.

Need samples?

Below you will find some powerful before and after pictures from the tile and grout cleaning projects we have worked on.

So what are you waiting for? Need some tile and grout cleaning done? Why not hand the projects to professionals who are guaranteed to deliver results? Call us now.

Our high pressure tile & grout steam cleaning removes this build up making the floor look like new again.

As tiles become more and more popular around Brisbane, Redlands and Logan, tile & grout cleaning is a growing business that require specialist equipment.  Usually the build up of grime is not noticed until someone spills a strong cleaning agent onto a tile and leaves a "clean spot".  We can quickly and easily restore your floor tiles and grout to original condition.

 Before  After

We can also clean your driveway, patio etc to remove mould which builds up over time.