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Upholstery cleaning

                                         Best Upholstery Cleaning Service in Brisbane- Rapid Carpet Cleaners.

Upholstery cleaning is crucial to boost the health of any upholstered furniture. From residential setting to commercial setting, upholstered furniture adds personality and character to any space. The intrinsic designs and classy patterns are a beautiful addition to any kind of setting.

That said, despite its charm it still is not immune to the daily mishaps caused by pets, stains from a spilled drink, damages from sunlight, dirt and dust.

The good news is that these unwanted effects can be reversed with the expert services of a good and reliable upholstery cleaning service.

This is where we come in. We will do your upholstery cleaning and give it a “face lift”.

Instead of a purchase, we understand that upholstered furniture is an investment and require the utmost care and attention of an expert to last longer…

…and we at Rapid Carpet Cleaning will give your upholstered furniture exactly that, a thorough and professional treatment that will remove all the grime and dirt, which will make it seem like a fresh purchase all over again.

Whether it is your Lounge suite, office chairs, car seats, caravan or boat upholstery, we can make it look and smell like new again.

We spend a lot of money on home furnishings. It is worth considering setting a little a side for their maintenance. If you ran a car for years with out servicing you would expect it to under preform and break down. Although this maybe an extreme analogy it does justify comparison.

With regular care you can increase the life of your upholstery and soft furnishings dramatically. Three piece suites should be vacuumed weekly. Once a month run over the main contact areas (Arms and head rests) with a moist clean cloth. An annual professional clean will greatly increase the useful life of the suite, enabling you to continue to get the best from your furniture.

Stain protection provides a barrier between dirt and your upholstery. This helps to prevent soiling penetrating the fibres too deeply, increasing the effectiveness of cleaning. This extra service can be applied after we have finished cleaning your upholstery.